Couponedo Launches Easy Business Coupon Integration Website

Couponedo, a customized business solution that specializes in helping businesses create coupons has launched to immediate interest of many companies. After being in development for some time, they look to present the business community with an opportunity to build an audience, create coupons, and so much more. The landscape is set to change in the near future, as this solution integrates a lot of the marketing tactics that most businesses utilize at great cost, only this will streamline it.

Streamlining the process is done through the proprietary software and design of the website. Once signed up, a business will go through several steps to set up their own personalized solution. The main goal is to help businesses bridge a gap between their brand and storefront and the general public. This is all done without the use of a middleman, or a separate graphic designer to help create effective marketing.

The website is not just about digital opportunities, as they ingrate the social media world quite well. By influencing the captive audience of social networks, businesses can offer exclusive discounts to their existing fan base, as well as create viral marketing components that float throughout the internet. This is all done within the site, and business owners do not have to be experts in design, marketing or anything along those lines. The whole onboarding process has been taken care of so that only the essential steps are done, and business owners can go on their way within minutes.

Aside from digital coupon creation, management, and marketing, the company has also created a branch for printable media. Creating a compelling visual piece is difficult for those that aren’t well versed in the creative arts. Couponedo has done away with the need to hire an individual expert, and has utilized a great deal of templates to help those that aren’t quite experts at visual design flow, get acquainted with what a good coupon should look like and more. These customizable solutions will allow any company to get a little more advertising through the discounts created. The best part, is that once finished, it can be printed and distributed within a matter of moments.

Couponedo is not just launching a new platform here, they are offering a free trial for any business owner that wants to give their solution a test drive. Skeptics will get a chance to utilize the coupon making website and see whether or not it will fit their needs. Chances are, it will, as a great deal of due diligence has been done by the company to see what small businesses need today.

The Couponedo blog has launched in 2014. The purpose of the site is to help small businesses get new customers. It has been designed with the novice in mind, piecing together elements of graphic design, and print layout to help anyone create compelling marketing for social interaction or even brick and mortar promotional consideration.


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Is the Mac App Store a Real Revenue Source?

The answer is definitely “Yes!”, but the real question is what kind of a cash cow are we really talking about and if it is worth to convert your existing apps to this new platform. The fact that some of the biggest names in the iPhone and iPad world have already converted their apps to work in the new Mac app store does speak to their conviction that the effort is well worth it. And looking at the fact that Angry Birds costs to work on a laptop or desktop $5.99, Bejeweled $19.99 and Peggle $9.99 would seem to make this market a very profitable one.

And the first place where we would instinctively look is back at the moment the App Store first opened to include apps for the iPad. And then we saw how prices jumped from under $1 for an iPhone app, to almost $2. So judging by the fact that the market accepted that price bump without any concern, the new prices might seem well worth it. However there are certain technical implications that might actually cut everyone expectations short if and when the end consumers will have to face them.

And that one, most obvious difference is the lack of a touch screen which is the very thing that most of these apps were built around. And from a developer’s perspective that means redesigning the entire up and rewriting most of the code so there is a huge investment because they are basically rebuilding the entire app. But from a user’s perspective the change is even more dramatic because they have to learn to play the game anew. And that usually means that they will not be enticed to play it on their desktop or laptop and just continue playing it on their iPad or iPhone.

However the thinking behind the huge price is that an iPhone is a lot cheaper than an iPad and so those willing to pay for the iPad can afford the increased price of the apps that go with it. And since the MacBook Air is so much more expensive than the iPad, the logical conclusion is that anyone who can afford one will also be able to afford paying for the latest apps too. And that logic could very well be correct since there are so many people who are already addicted to these games and who may be willing to buy the more expensive laptop apps because they represent something new.

But the truth is that only time will tell if the consumers are willing to pay the prices for the new apps and we may actually see those prices go down in the future months. Or we could just as well see them go even higher if the people are willing to pay the big bucks that the big companies are asking for. So in either case the best thing for most medium and small app design companies would be to just stand back and decide if it is worth for them to spend the money to upgrade their apps to work with the new Mac OS.

This article was written by Mark, part of the iPad app development team at Please visit us often for more iPhone updates.

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The Principles that Build a Successful iPad App

More than 50% of the companies that have developed an iPhone app as an additional way of keeping in contact with their clients have not invested yet in creating an iPad app. And if you were to look at how efficient the iPhone app was at expanding their business you would see that it was actually worth the investment. So the questions beckons: “Why haven’t they created an iPad app too?”. And the answers vary in form and expression but the principle behind every answer is that the iPhone app can easily be enjoyed on an iPad.

However, if you were to look at what the users have to say you will easily notice that they are not very excited about the iPhone app look and feel when they use it on the iPad. And that is why the few companies that have created specific iPad apps have come to dominate that sector of the market. And they have done so by following these few concepts that are so obviously smart one can’t help but wonder why no one else has made use of them.

1. Use that Extra Space!

Many app developers simply enlarge the entire app and believe that they are done. But the thing is that users are not fooled by such simple trickery and they do want to be able to enjoy all that extra space. After all, they have paid for that extra space and they do make the effort of carrying that extra bulk around. So if you are going to create an iPad app make sure that you can add new menus, new buttons and new functionalities that are relevant to the public.

2. Test Your App before Lunch

Many people can leave under the false assumption that they are brilliant artists when in fact they only produce mediocre results. And as long as you are only talking about a hobby than everything would be alright but if you are talking about a business, your business, and you want to make money with it, you need to make sure that your app feels good to the end customer. So make sure that you go through at least one session of testing and feedback before a full scale lunch.

3. Be There For Your App

The fact that you have created a good iPad app and have gotten a good initial response does not mean that it will work flawlessly for everyone. Once your roll it out there will be people who will have problems with it and, more importantly, there will be people who will have some great ideas about how to further your app and what other functions you should add. And using those ideas will not only show respect towards your customer base but could actually improve your app and gain more users for it.

4. Let As Many People As Possible Know about Your App

You should never be happy with the customer base that you have. You may be satisfied and give yourself a pat on the back once you reach a certain number but never assume that you have reached everyone. So always work to get the word going about the app, either by investing in publicity or in allying yourself with other non-competitive apps or by doing all the work by yourself and getting people to know about the features of your app.

This article was written by Mark, part of the iPhone app development team at Please visit us often for more iPhone updates.

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Will the iPad Change the Professional Photography Business

It is actually amazing that there are still photographers around who started their business by taking their photos on roll of film, going back to a dark room to develop those photos and then coming back to their clients with maybe 50% of the total photos that they took because those were the only ones that could represent their level of quality faithfully. And yet, since then, we have seen how the professional photographers first wrestled with the idea of a digital camera and now the D-SLR camera market actually thrives on their business. And the same can be said about every change that has affected this business that actually makes its leaving because of the high quality that they promise to offer.

However the fact is that photographers are still forced to wait until they get home to comfort of their desktop screens to be able to analyze the quality of their pictures and even today they usually discard more than 75% of the photos they took. And that is only natural since now they are no longer limited by the few pictures that would fit a film so they take as many pictures from as many angles as possible to make sure that they catch the best still of an even.

So the presence of the iPad on this market could actually revolutionize the game again because, now, the photographer can finally see in real time what their pictures look like and how their clients would respond to them. In fact, because of the iPad, the business could develop a whole new dimension where the client can actively participate in the selection of the photos and be a part of the post production process. Of course that the photographer will always have the last word as to what photos can go on to represent his work but, even today, photographers are struggling to get their models to feel more involved in the creation process so the iPad is certainly an easy way to that.

And, what’s even more important, we are already seeing graphic processing giants like NVidia trying to be a part of this game so it is only a matter of time until Adobe and other software design companies will want to join in. And once they will have put their giant advertising machines at work the professional photographers will have no choice but to bring the iPad with them and get everyone involved in the process. And, who knows, maybe instead of taking 100s of snaps they will have a camera specifically set aside to be associated with the iPad, that they will use to only take the best photos they can, and it could turn out to be a part of the entire wedding fun to get the guests involved in creating, with them, the ad-hoc album of that event.

This article was written by Mark, part of the iPad app development team at Please visit us often for more iPhone and iPad updates.

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How to Create Coherent Memory Markers of Your Child’s First Years

The first days in a child’s life are probably the most precious moments in the parent’s entire life and yet, because of the extraordinary amount of work that a baby signifies added to the fact that it is very difficult to start a photo project during this time means that the memories will most likely jumble together. And later, when the parents will try to put everything back together and create a coherent memory of those few days and even those few years, they are going to have a very difficult time doing that.

And that is where the latest use of the iPhone comes into place; once the parents have downloaded the latest iPhone app called Sweet Baby. It can take the raw data from photos, video and text to integrate them in a preformatted virtual book that helps the parents not only to create a beautiful collection of photos, but, because it is built to be a beautiful collection of feelings, it also has many questions that can be easily filled in, thus creating the narrative for the entire book. And besides the pages of the virtual book comes with its own original artwork so the entire book will feel personal and look very beautiful.

Even more interesting is the fact that the Sweet Baby app comes with a host of templates that can accommodate for any situation. So there is a section that will lend itself beautifully to adoption cases and there are formats and pictures that will fit any religion and any cultural ceremonies from around the world. So the app addresses not only the different cultural background of the Americans but also the cultural diversity of the Globe. And that is truly a smart idea since Apple has started to focus on the Chinese market as they can see the great investment potential that the Eastern countries have.

And the fact that you can add a virtually limitless number of pages to the virtual book means that it will grow as your child grows and can encompass not only his or her first few days but it can be a project that will span over the years. And because such a project can be a source of joy and pride to any parent the Sweet Baby app can easily export part or all of its pages in a user friendly PDF version which parents can share over the internet. Even better they can easily print out the pages themselves and create imaginative and beautiful presents for their friends and family using the exact format, look and feel that they get whenever they decide to browse their own virtual book.

This article was written by Mark, an offshore iPhone app developer with Appnific. Please visit us often for more iPhone updates.

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Fight Fire with Fire by Using your iPhone to Fight RSI

Many of the technology addicted people of today will have heard about RSI, the Repetitive Stress Injury syndrome, when they visited their doctor because of lower arms, hands, neck or even back aches. And it is a form of paint that was enabled by the invention of the computer, and more specific the computer’s keyboard but it has been grown exponentially since the appearance of the smartphones and the touchscreen devices. That is because they are making small, repetitive actions seem fun and they are actually slowly braking down the cartridges that protect our bones and force our bodies in relatively uncomfortable positions which we ignore because we are having fun.

So the development of the AcheBreak app with the help of physicians was actually a stroke of genius because it builds on the fascination people have with their iPhones but this time it encourages them to have a smarter approach to their health. And the great thing about the way our bodies work is that RSI can easily be fought back, especially if people start fighting it before the first pains appear or as soon as they come up. So the AcheBreak is using a game type scenario, using different characters like a cute dog or hip teenager to get the users of the app to engage in these minute exercises on a regular basis and every time they do they also earn points in the game. So just like there are thousands of people who are waiting hours to click twice so they can gather the eggs in their Farmville game, the people who would start to play AcheBreak would actually be reminded by the phone that they need to stretch or to close their eyes for 1 minute or any other kind of exercise that would allow them to earn points with the app.

And the funny thing is that these kind of small exercises are what can make the difference between blinding pain that starts for no reason in the middle of the night and a calm and pain free life. Even more so, because the app is helping relax those muscles and joints that we use constantly while working on a computer, the effect of the app is similar to a quick massage during a workout: once the user gets back to work or play or whatever they were doing they will notice that their bodies are more relaxed and their movement is more fluent than before.

So the designers of the AcheBreak are actually hoping that parents will start noticing the benefits the app has on their children and will start to have their children play it just like they always insist that everyone wear a seatbelt in a car. A good score in the game could very well turn out to be the free pass to more hours spent on the computer or a new iPhone or any other type of reward that parents have at their disposals when the best interest of the child needs to be protected.

This article was written by Mark, part of the iPhone app development team at Please visit us often for more iPhone updates.

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Moving Yahoo Answers to the iPhone App Store

There is new community growing and it is the one of the iPhone owners. And even though you would not think it they actually share more things in common than just a preference for Apple products. A recent study on how often people click on advertisement depending on whether they are using Android phone or an iPhone has shown that Android users click those advertisements 80% more than iPhone users. However the times when they actually do buy levels out for both categories on 20% of the times which basically seems to indicate that iPhone users are more discriminating with their choices. So the fact that the new app specifically targets iPhone users might actually suggest that the answers received here will be more accurate than on Yahoo Answers.

However the extraordinary success that Yahoo Answers has had in the past also comes to prove that the app could easily be further developed to include all the smartphone users in the world. And as far as general questions are concerned this might actually be a very interesting idea. And for those locations specific question the app has a built in feature that allows it to answer those question by crosschecking the zip code of the questioner and only coming up with answers from the same zip code. So if someone was looking for the best restaurant in the Central Park region of New York only people who have actually been there could answer. Or even if the question was only formulated as “Where is the best restaurant in the area?” it would still get the correct answer because only people in the same area could access it and answer it.

But where the app really will be getting most of its best answers and best questions is in the fact that it works with a completely anonymous user base. And so both adults and teenagers that are too embarrassed to Google some of their more private questions, because somebody else might have access to that computer, will be able to get relevant answers to their questions from the community of users that will develop around the new app. The app called simple Advice is actually free for now because the developers are seeking to promote it and to develop a large enough user base. Still, it will probably come at a cost in the future so it would probably be a good idea to become a member today. And the other great advantage of being one of the first users is that people will actually be earning credibility as the time passes and they continue providing great answers so there is a good chance that anyone who enjoys the app today will be a very influential person in the Advice app community.

This article was written by Mark, an Appnific iPhone applications developer. Please visit us often for more iPhone updates.

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Is the iPhone 5 ever Going to Be Released?

This spring every rumor seemed to indicate that the new iPhone 5 will be released at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). But then we started noticing things like the fact that Apple had not begun ordering the parts for what should have been the iPhone 5 and they usually order them 6 months before a lunch. But those were just rumors and many of us kept our hopes up and waited patiently until the Apple’s SVP of Marketing came out and declared that the WWDC will focus on software development and the preview release for the future iOS and Mac OS. And that basically put the nail it the coffin for all hopes that we were going to have a summer release for the iPhone 5.

However the sad part is that everyone simply postponed their plans and expectations for the fall of 2012 as the best release date for the latest iPhone. And while there is still no news from Apple that would shed some light on the subject, it is very interesting to notice that they still haven’t ordered the components that they would need for the iPhone 5. However what we do know is that the only real competition for the iPhone is Samsung’s Galaxy S series. And after the S2 came on the market and almost instantaneously sucked in the marked, Apple needs to be very careful with what the new features of their phone are going to be and how they are going to market it, especially since Samsung has released the S3 and have actually been able to take the huge success that their previous lunch had enjoyed and make it seem like an insignificant, “run of the mill” smartphone when compared with the new phone.

So there are a couple of things that the new iPhone is going to have to boost in order to be considered as a contender to the title of the best smartphone. And the first thing is that it is going to have to touch the 8 megapixels range if not hit the 12 megapixels mark. But the thing is that, in the past, Apple have actually focused on the quality of the photos and not the number of megapixels so it is much more likely that they will continue that pattern and we should see a mere 8 megapixels lens on the new phone.

Also the GPS market has been dying down because most phones now have this feature built in and if Apple are going to try to excel at this point they are going to have to do something big. And the fact that they have signed a deal with TomTom, one of the best GPS systems on the market today, seems to point to the fact that we are really going to see something phenomenal with the release of the iPhone 5, whenever it may be. And also let’s not forget that the 4G network is almost untouched by almost 80% of all smartphones so it will probably be a very good idea for Apple to expand in that direction now that they still have the lead.

This article was written by Mark from Appnific. Please visit us often for more iPhone updates.

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Can Windows Phone 7 Overtake iOS by 2015?

A recent report by marketing research company IDC seems to indicate that by 2015 Windows Phone 7/Windows Mobile will grow to own 20.9% of the smartphone market, thus over-passing iOS who is currently owns 15.7% and is projected to fall to 15.3% presence on the market. However all projection studies suffer from the same flaw which is that they need to identify the correct stream of past performances in order to project real data. And since the smartphone market is relatively new it is really difficult to make any projections for the future based on its performance.

So to say that Windows Phone 7 will grab as much as 20% of the market is to actually compare the Apple Mac OS market and compare its performance to the Windows 7 share of the market and project from there a similar pattern. However as far as the desktop/laptop operating systems market is concerned there are actually only these 2 platforms to speak of and Apple has made a huge mistake from the very beginning by restricting their system to work or only their systems. And while there will always be those who would debate whether it was or it was not a mistake the point of the matter is that the current smartphone operating systems has been working with far different players and enjoys a different type of equilibrium.

So, if we were to look at the success Windows has had over the years it could be explained through the fact that it was the first operating system that was user friendly and intuitive, as opposed to all other Linux versions that were reserved for the IT aficionados, and it fitted almost all configurations, a feature that positioned it better than the Apple operating system. But if we look today at the current offers on the market we see that Android is actually the new Windows, fitting most phones, being user friendly and, most importantly, 40% of the current users already are using it and so are very likely to stand by it simply because it is familiar just as they stayed by Windows.

Apple’s iOS, on the other hand, is playing the same card of working only with the Apple products to create an aura of elitism and superiority. The difference is that while the MacBook is still almost twice as expensive as any other laptop with the same features, the iPhone is actually cheaper than some other smartphones on the market and still, somehow, it is regarded as the mobile of choice for young professionals. And it can do that because it is part of the Apple family that, if nothing else, has always stood for outstanding quality and surprising reliability.

On the other hand Windows has come to be regarded as the lesser of all evils since it provides users with an intuitive and familiar operating system at a reasonable price. But then again Microsoft has been facing continuous charges of attempts to monopolize the market, and despite the awesome performance improvements brought on by Windows 7, it is still regarded as an unstable system that needs continuous improvements. So, despite projections that it would come to own 20% of the smartphone market, it is very unlikely that it will be picked up by consumers who already have to viable and trusted brands to choose from.

This article was written by Mark, an offshore iPhone applications developer with Appnific. Please visit us often for more iPhone updates.

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The Latest iPhone Apps Are Leaving the Virtual World

When Apple decided to open the App Store to third party app developers they really made one of the most fantastic breakthroughs that anyone could have imagined to help their product really take off. That is because all those minds, bent on providing value for other users, have been able to take the iPhone to a new level of usability. And the latest apps that have appeared on the App Store are so imaginative that no one could have really predicted the uses that have been attributed to an iPhone because of these simple combinations of hardware performance and smart programing.

And the funniest app that has been provided through the iPhone App Store must be the Textalyzer. It is the brain child of Samantha Deeter who became aware of the one problem that everyone has had ever since the first mobile phone hit was purchased. And that is that it has become extremely easy for people to get drunk and mellow and make the mistake of trying to get in contact with former relationship partners. So what she did was to address an iPhone app development company that decided to partner with her and create a software that will prevent you from sending messages to people you may not want to get in contact with.

You need to program the app by selecting the people that you are likely to contact after you’ve had a couple of drinks and then the app will get you to play a few games before allowing you to send a message to that person. And if you are not capable to solve the games than the app naturally concludes that you are not in your best state of mind and postpones sending the message for twelve hours when it comes back to you and asks if you really want to send the message. And there is also the possibility to have the app show you different pre-registered messages to yourself that will try to remind you of the reasons you chose to end that relationship.

And the other great app that we have seen on the market was released by Appiction and for now only works in New York. But what this app does is it predicts how much a taxi fare should be. You need to introduce the starting and ending point of your trip and the company that you will be using and it provides an estimate that can be off by just $1. Even more interesting is that you can keep the app running during the ride and it will be able to track your trip’s progress and make an even better estimate because it can use the traffic data to calculate how much the fare should be. And the other great thing about this app is that users now have a simple platform where they can leave comments about their taxi trips and about how one driver performed and every other bit of information that another user may find useful sometime in the future.

This article was written by Mark, part of the iPhone application development team at Please visit us often for more iPhone updates.

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